@ OFFICE WORLD offers a full range of products and services in the following areas:

  • Stationery
  • Office Furniture
  • Audio Visual Products
  • Scholastic Supplies
  • Copy Shop
  • Interior Decorating

The project team maintains a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationship with clients. A company-wide policy encouraging shared responsibility for performance ensure the highest degree of professional service and results on all projects undertaken.

Abiding to the Government policy, promoting Black Economic Empowerment and creating an equal balance in relation to the gender profile of the organization. A broad client base has been established including all spheres of government, parastatal institutions, non-governmental organizations, schools, large corporations, mines, SMMEs and various businesses and institutions with specialized requirements.

Seasoned Professionals
@ OFFICE WORLD comprises a team of seasoned professionals with wide business acumen and skills in various disciplines. They therefore provide the company with an understanding, experience and skills base needed to identify opportunities in various sectors

  • General Retail
  • Management
  • Professional Product Knowledge
  • Training
  • Skills Development

Industry Knowledge
Our team has a wealth of industry knowledge, some of them are involved in the stationary business for 23 years and are therefore well positioned to play a role towards company and industry growth

Sectoral Focus
Our experience to date included assignments in the following sectors:

  • Broad community (walk in)
  • Local Government (specialized)
  • Provincial Government (specialized)
  • Parastatels (specialized)
  • Mining (specialized)
  • Agriculture (specialized)
  • Manufacturing (specialized)
  • Education (specialized)
  • Health (specialized)
  • Professional Services (specialized)
  • Financial Services (specialized)
  • SMME (specialized)

Women’s Empowerment
The empowerment of women and youth is a fundamental requirement towards the economic transformation of Southern Africa. @ OFFICE WORLD ‘s membership encompasses capable women and young professionals who add critical value to the strategic and investment direction of the company. The majority of shareholders of this company is women and other individuals from historically disadvantaged communities.

The @ OFFICE WORLD team fuses experience with youthful energy and enthusiasm drawn from its shareholders; offering the company dynamic and focused personnel towards the achievement of its objectives.

To render a top quality, one stop office supplies service with integrity, knowledge, friendliness, a personal touch and a keen sense of social responsibility to all community members and sectors of the economy.

Core Values

  • LTY

@ OFFICE WORLD will develop partnerships with other like-minded local, continental and international companies and individuals seeking global competitors, simultaneously striving to partner with local communities.

Value Add
We will invest in areas where our directors, shareholders and associates are able to add value through direct operational involvement at management and strategic levels.

Organizational Structure
Each of the nine stores are managed as separate entities functioning independently, but enjoying the combined training, management, purchase, marketing and delivery service thus enhancing the groups performance and price structure.

@ OFFICE WORLD has wide spheres of service delivery and has sufficient networks and infrastructure in place. The mobile units have been established to meet the demands and requirements of large corporate and distant clients. The transport fleet consisting of pick-up trucks, delivery vehicles and trailers expanding the geographical reach of @ OFFICE WORLD.

The @ OFFICE WORLD Group is justifiably proud of winning the National Stationery industries GOLD AWARD for STORE RETAILER OF THE YEAR – 2003 and 2004. In 2005 the team moved the goal-post even further by winning GOLD as NATIONAL MARKETER of the year, as well as being selected as one of 4 finalists for RETAILER OF THE YEAR.