GBC 208 MultiBind Manual Binding Machine


GBC 208 MultiBind Manual Binding Machine

The GBC MultiBind 208 is a durable multi-functional binder with the flexibility to produce comb or wire bound documents, ideal for home or small office. It can punch up to 8 x 80gsm sheets at once and bind up to 125 sheets using a 14mm comb or 21 loop wire. It is lightweight, practical and simple to operate.

The GBC MultiBind 208 is lightweight and portable making it the ideal choice for home or a small office. It punches up to 8 sheets of 80gsm paper in one go and punches/binds paper up to A4 in size. It will bind up to 125 pages of 80gsm paper using 14mm metal wires or plastic combs ensuring your small binding tasks are finished in an instant. If you are using 21 loop metal wires, there is the additional benefit of the integral wire closing channel that ensures fast and accurate closing of the wires for a more secure document. If you are comb binding the comb opening teeth keeps the combs open ready for binding. The MultiBind comes complete with a quick starter guide that provides clear and operating instructions to make the binding experience as simple as possible.

Great added value machine. The GBC MultiBind 208 gives you the flexibility to cater for all occasions in 2 different binding styles:

Comb binding – Is perfect for informal (Internal Documents) such as training materials/storage and reference documents and is ideal for everyday use. CombBind produces documents that can be easily updated allowing you to add or remove pages after the initial bind.

WireBind is perfect for professional (External Documents) such as pitches, tenders and client presentations and is ideal for important documents. Wire binding produces documents that are permanently bound for additional security.

Features & Specifications:
– Produce comb or wire documents with one machine! Great added value offer.
– Punch Capacity: Up to 8 Sheets (80gsm)
– Bind Capacity: Up to 125 pages (80gsm) Using a 14mm comb or 21 Loop wire
– Portable and lightweight design
– Warranty: 2 Years
– Dimensions: (HxWxD) 26.4 x 40.0 x 14.0cm
– Weight: 3.5kg